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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007Assesment of array scintillation detector for follicle thyrioid 2D-image acquisition using Monte Carlo SimulationSilva, Carlos Borges da; Braz, Delson; Carvalho, Denise Pires de; Santanna, Claudio Reis de
Oct-2015Flow measurements in hydrotransport units using gamma scattering and cross-correlation techniquesSiciliano, Umberto; Brandão, Luis Eduardo Barreira; Salgado, César Marques
2006Inactivation of fungi from deteriorated paper materials by radiationSILVA, Manuela da; MORAES, A. M. L.; NISHIKAWA, M. M.; GATTI, M. J. A.; ALENCAR, Marcus Alexandre Vallim; BRANDÃO, Luis Eduardo Barreira; NÓBREGA, A.
Oct-2017Radiosterilization of historical documents: the potential effects of gamma irradiation on paper and printing inksBrandão, Luis Eduardo; Salgado, César Marques