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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2014Engenharia e Tecnologia de Reatores NuclearesMOREIRA, Maria de Lourdes
30-Nov-2012Análise de Tensões em Estruturas Nucleares IJOSPIN, Reinaldo Jacques; NERY, Domingos Eugênio de Sá
2013A methodology for macroscopic multigroup constants for accelerator driven system core calculationSANTOS, Rubens Souza dos; HEIMLICH, Adino
2013Steam turbine: alternative emergency drive for secure removal of residual heat from the reactor cores that use water as coolant after FukushimaSANTOS, Rubens Souza dos
2013Operational and start-up transients in an accelerator driven systemsSANTOS, Rubens Souza dos
2013Depletion calculations in an ads core using ACTRAN codeSANTOS, Rubens Souza dos
2013Experimental determination of the neutron source for the Argonauta Reactor subcritical assemblyRENKE, Carlos Alberto Curi; FURIERI, Rosanne; PEREIRA, João Carlos dos Santos; VOI, Dante Luiz; BARBOSA, André Luis Nunes
Nov-2013Numerical matlab routine evaluation of mass and heat of evaporation in an air-water surface interfaceJACHIC, João; MOREIRA, Maria de Lourdes
Nov-2013Fuel burnup calculation of a research reactor plate elementSANTOS, Nádia Rodrigues dos; LIMA, Zelmo Rodrigues de; MOREIRA, Maria de Lourdes
Nov-2013Amino acids analysis by total neutron cross-sections determinations - part vVOI, Dante Luiz; FERREIRA, Francisco José de Oliveira; ROCHA, Hélio Fernandes da