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Tipo: conferenceObject
Título: A Simulator-Independent Optimization Tool based on Genetic Algorithm Applied to Nuclear Reactor Design
Autor(es): PEREIRA, Cláudio Márcio do Nascimento Abreu
SCHIRRU, Roberto
MARTINEZ, Aquilino Senra
Resumo: Here is presented an engineering optimization tool based on a genetic algorithm, implemented according to the method proposed in recent work that has demonstrated the feasibility of the use of this technique in nuclear reactor core designs. The tool is simulator-independent in the sense that it can be customized to use most of the simulators which have the input parameters read from formatted text files and the outputs also written from a text file. As the nuclear reactor simulators generally use such kind of interface, the proposed tool plays an important role in nuclear reactor designs. Research reactors may often use non-conventional design approaches, causing different situations that may lead the nuclear engineer to face new optimization problems. In this case, a good optimization technique, together with its customizing facility and a friendly man-machine interface could be very interesting. Here, the tool is described and some advantages are outlined
Palavras-chave: Independent Optimization
Genetic Algorithm
Nuclear Reactor Design
Idioma: eng
País: Brasil
Editor: Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear
Sigla da Instituição: IEN
Tipo de Acesso: openAccess
Data do documento: 1999
Aparece nas coleções:Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia para Sistemas Complexos - Trabalhos de Congresso

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