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Tipo: conferenceObject
Título: Computational simulation of the natural circulation ocurring in an experimental test section of a pool type research reactor
Autor(es): Faccini, José Luiz Horacio
Nascimento, Francisco
Lima Júnior, Carlos
Oliveira, André
Affonso, Renato
Moreira, Maria
Resumo: The present work presents a computational simulation of the natural circulation phenomenon developing in an experimental test section of a pool type research reactor. The test section has been designed using a reduced scale in height 1:4.7 in relation to a pool type 30 MW research reactor prototype. It comprises a cylindrical vessel, which is opened to atmosphere, and representing the reactor pool; a natural circulation pipe, a lower plenum, and a heater containing electrical resistors in rectangular plate format, which represents the fuel elements, with a chimney positioned on the top of the resistor assembly. In the computational simulation, it was used a commercial CFD software, without any turbulence model. Besides, in the presence of the natural circulation, a laminar flow has been assumed and the equations of the mass conservation, momentum and energy were solved by the finite element method. In addition, the results of the simulation are presented in terms of velocities and temperatures differences, respectively: at inlet and outlet of the heater and of the natural circulation pipe.
Palavras-chave: INAC 2015
Computational simulation
Nuclear reactor
Idioma: eng
País: Brasil
Editor: Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear
Sigla da Instituição: IEN
Tipo de Acesso: openAccess
Data do documento: Out-2015
Aparece nas coleções:Engenharia e Segurança de Reatores Nucleares - Trabalhos de Congresso

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