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Tipo: conferenceObject
Título: Proposal of counting method for bubble detectors and their intercomparisons
Autor(es): Ramalho, Eduardo
Silva, Luiz Carlos Reina Pereira da
Bellido, Luis Fernando
Pereira, Mário
Ramos, Paulo R.
Facure, Alessandro
Silva, Ademir Xavier da
Resumo: The study of neutron’s spectrometry and dosimetry has become significantly easier due to relatively new devices called bubble detectors. Insensitive to gamma rays and composed by superheated emulsions, they still are subjects of many researches in Radiation Physics and Nuclear Engineering. In bubble detectors, either exposed to more intense neutron fields or for a long time, when more bubbles are produced, the statistical uncertainty during the dosimetric and spectrometric processes is reduced. A proposal of this nature is set up in this work, which presents ways to perform counting processes for bubble detectors and an updated proceeding to get the irradiated detectors’ images in order to make the manual counting easier. Twelve BDS detectors were irradiated by RDS111 cyclotron from IEN’s (Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear) and photographed using an assembly specially designed for this experiment. Counting was proceeded manually in a first moment; simultaneously, ImagePro was used in order to perform counting automatically. The bubble counting values, either manual or automatic, were compared and the time to get them and their difficult levels as well. After the bubble counting, the detectors’ standardizes responses were calculated in both cases, according to BDS’s manual and they were also compared. Among the results, the counting on these devices really becomes very hard at a large number of bubbles, besides higher variations in counting of many bubbles. Because of the good agreement between manual counting and the custom program, the last one revealed a good alternative in practical and economical levels. Despite the good results, the custom program needs of more adjustments in order to achieve more accuracy on higher counting on bubble detectors for neutron measurement applications.
Palavras-chave: Detectores de bolhas
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País: Brasil
Editor: Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear
Sigla da Instituição: IEN
Tipo de Acesso: openAccess
Data do documento: Set-2009
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