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Tipo: conferenceObject
Título: Virtual reality 3D stereo technology to improve motivation in the learning process of use of nuclear energy in eletric power generation
Autor(es): Oliveira, Beatriz
Lapa, Celso Marcelo Franklin
Mol, Antônio Carlos Abreu
Jorge, Carlos Alexandre Fructuoso
Botelho, Felipe
Resumo: Virtual Environments (VE) are computer-generated environments. The advantage of VE is that people can be immersed by the simulated environment, which would sometimes be unavailable due to cost, safety, or perceptual restrictions in the real environment. In this work, Virtual Reality 3D Stereo technology is used to disseminate the application of nuclear energy in electric power generation. Virtual Reality with 3D Stereo Vision has a significant effect on people to retain what they have learned, and is clearly superior to traditional learning techniques, such as 2D videos and books, since navigation in 3D virtual worlds can improve motivation in the learning process. In this way the main systems of a PWR nuclear power plant had been implemented virtually in 3D stereo technology. As a result, it is expected that learning be achieved in a clearer, joyful and more objective way.
Palavras-chave: INAC 2007
Virtual reality
Virtual environments
3D stereo technology
Idioma: eng
País: Brasil
Editor: Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear
Sigla da Instituição: IEN
Tipo de Acesso: openAccess
Data do documento: Set-2007
Aparece nas coleções:Realidade Virtual Aplicada na Área Nuclear - Trabalhos de Congresso

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