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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Medida do tempo de percurso de onda ultra-sônica para avaliação de tensõesBittencourt, Marcelo Siqueira Queiroz; Pinheiro, Marcos Aurélio de Andrade; Lamy, Carlos Alfredo; Payão Filho, João da Cruz
Apr-2003Parallel island genetic algorithm applied to a nuclear power plant auxiliary feedwater system surveillance tests policy optimizationPereira, Cláudio Márcio Nascimento Abreu; Lapa, Celso Marcelo Franklin
2003The use of fuzzy logic methodology to establish inservice inspection priorities for nuclear componentsGuimarães, Antonio Cesar Ferreira
Jun-2003Evaluation of a computer aided neutron tomographic system incorporating a gaseous position sensitive detectorSilvani, Maria Inês; Lopes, Ricardo; Jesus, Edgar Francisco Oliveira de; Almeida, Gevaldo Lisboa; Barbosa, Ademarlaudo França
May-2003An analysis of water vapour diffusion in whey protein filmsYoshida, Cristiana; Antunes, Antônio; Antunes, Leila Jorge; Antunes, Aloísio
Mar-2003Coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm applied to a nuclear reactor core design optimization problemPereira, Cláudio Márcio Nascimento Abreu; Lapa, Celso Marcelo Franklin
May-2003A new methodology for the study of FAC phenomenon based on a fuzzy rule systemGuimarães, Antonio Cesar Ferreira
Jun-2003Comparison of tomografhic systems for X-Ray and thermal neutronsSouza, Maria Inês Silvani; Almeida, Gevaldo Lisboa; Fuirieri, Rosanne Cefaly de Aranda; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu; Jesus, Edgar Oliveira de; Barbosa, Ademarlaudo França
Jul-2003Surveillance test policy optimization through genetic algorithms using non-periodic intervention frequencies and considering seasonal constraintsLapa, Celso Marcelo Franklin; Pereira, Cláudio Marcio Nascimento Abreu; Frutuoso e Melo, Paulo Fernando Ferreira