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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2005A Petrov–Galerkin/modified operator formulation for convection–diffusion problemsSAMPAIO, Paulo Augusto Berquo de
Oct-2006Trace and major elements in rock samples from Itingussú River Basin, Coroa-Grande, Rio de JaneiroBellido, Luis Fernando; Araripe, Denise R.; Patchineelam, Sambasiva R.; Bellido, Alfredo Victor Bernedo; Guimarães, M. T. (?); Vasconcellos, Marina B. A.
Oct-2007Absence of Diquarks in S-Wave BaryonsAntunes, Antonio Carlos Baptista; Antunes, Leila Jorge
Jun-2009Propagation speed of y-radiation in brassCavalcante, José T. P. D.; Silva, Paulo R. J.; Saitovitch, Henrique
Sep-2009Propagation speed of 18F y-Radiation 511 ke V in airCavalcante, José T. P. D.; Silva, Paulo R. J.; Saitovitch, Henrique; Macedo Júnior, Marcelo A. V.; Santos, Raphael G.
Oct-2009Search for Spontaneous Magnetic Order in ZrNi5 and HfNi5Silva, Paulo R. J.; Cavalcante, José T.P.D.; Saitovitch, Henrique; Forker, Manfred