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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007Fractional sclaling analysis applied to scale a pressurizer test facilityBotelho, David Adjuto; Sampaio, Paulo Augusto Berquo de; Moreira, Maria de Lourdes; Barroso, Antonio
Sep-2007A new software to increase ultrasound signals resolution for internal stresses measurements in metallic materialsFarias, Marcos Santana; Carvalho, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; Malta, Cinthia; Aghina, Maurício Alves da Cunha; Almeida, José; Santanna, Claudio Reis de
Sep-2007Ultrassonic stress measurements in a carbon steel neam under bendingCarmo, Daniel; Bittencourt, Marcelo de Siqueira Queiroz; Gonçalves Filho, Orlando João Agostinho; Lamy, Carlos; Payão Filho, João
Sep-2007The numerical solution of the two-dimensional radiative transfer equation for a medium with properties of absorption and isotropic scatteringNunes, Rogerio Chaffin; Roberty, Nilson
Sep-2007On the application of sirer-ADS in the simulation of transients in accelerator driven system (ADS)Santos, Rubens Souza dos; Maiorino, José Rubens
Sep-2007Acessment of intermittent two-phase flow using a high-speed visualization techniqueFaccini, José Luiz Horacio; Sampaio, Paulo Augusto Berquo de; Su, Jian
Sep-2007On Brazil’s participation in the international project on inovative nuclear reactors and fuel cycles (INPRO)Gonçalves Filho, Orlando João Agostinho
Sep-2007experimental investigation of attenuation of ultrassonic field in a circular pipe by a spherical bodyLamy, Carlos Alfredo; Faccini, José Luiz Horácio; Su, Jian; Cunha Filho, Jurandir de Souza
Sep-2007New Argonauta core reactor using rod fuel elementsAghina, Luiz Osório de Brito; Jospin, Reinaldo Jacques
Sep-2007A polynomial analytical method for discretre ordinates problems in slab geometryMello, José Antônio Martins de; Leal, André Luiz; Barros, Ricardo