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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
6-Fev-2012A computerized system to monitor resilience indicators in organizations.CARVALHO, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; SOUZA, Alan Pinheiro de; GOMES, Jose Orlando
6-Fev-2012A program to support the construction and evaluation of resilience indicators.CARVALHO, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; HUBER, Gilbert Jacob; GOMES, Jose Orlando
13-Out-2012Resilience and brittleness in the ALERTA RIO system: a field study about the decision-making of forecastersCARVALHO, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; DOLIF, Giovanni; ENGELBRECHT, Daniel; JATOBÁ, Alessandro; SILVA, Antônio José Dias da; GOMES, Jose Orlando; BORGES, Marcos R. S.; NOBRE, Carloos A.
2011Analysis of information exchange activities to actualize and validate situation awareness during shift changeovers in nuclear power plants.CARVALHO, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; GOMES, Jose Orlando; BENCHEKROUN, Tahar-Hakim
14-Nov-2013Analysis of the resilience of team performance during a nuclear emergency response exercise.CARVALHO, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; GOMES, Jose Orlando; BORGES, Marcos R. S.; HUBER, Gilbert Jacob