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Tipo: report
Título: Natural circulation in a boiling water irradiation capsule
Autor(es): Botelho, David Adjuto
Resumo: The main topic in this report tis the external cooling of the decay heat generated inside the pressure tube of a boiling water irradiation capsule (Cápsula de irradiação de àgua FErbente-CAFÉ) by natural circulation. This capsule is designed by the Centro de Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN) for the Centro de Tecnologia da Marinha in São Paulo (CTM-SP). It will be irradiated in a reflector channel of the pool reactor locates in the Instituto de Pesquisas Energética e Nucleares (IPEN). In a postulated accident in the reactor or in the capsule, the capsule would be taken out of its irradiation channel being transferred to the reactor open pool for cooling. In this situation, the forced flow cases to be fed into its heated riser, which is the channel between the outer surface of the pressure tube and the barrel of a so-called flow diverging tube. Thus, the natural circulation developed has the following path: form the dated riser the flow goes to the unheated riser, the upper plenum, and the hot leg tube that discharges the cooling water into the pool of the reactor. By gravity the pool water enters the down comer that is located between the flow diverging tube and the external tube. The pool water directly cools the external tube. The simulation model software of this natural circulation path was developed in the Institute de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN). It is a direct consequence of the research and development condicted in IEN in Natural Circulation and Passive Heat Removal systems for advanced PWRs. Aware of the need for better numerical methods, the developed software employs a finite-element method [5] with adaptive re-meshing and appropriated time-step scales. For a model in which the vapor velocity is explicitly calculate using the Drift-Flux model. The original software, capable to model single and two-phase flows, was validated using some PWR similar experiments conducted in the IEN Natural Convection Circuit (CCN).
Palavras-chave: Natural circulation
Irradiation capsule
Idioma: eng
País: Brasil
Editor: Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear
Sigla da Instituição: IEN
Tipo de Acesso: restrictAccess
Data do documento: Jul-2002
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